Work in progress

Rotterdem: 4 cable drums with damages are loaded

Here the spreader caused damages to the packing

Though the cables themselves are not damaged

After a repair of the packing the drums are loaded

and sufficiently secured on deck with chains.

Port of Hamburg: Controll of seaworthy packing of a consignment of project cargo.

The machine in unpacked condition

and packed in thermo-isolated foil.

A chain with chain-spanner against tilting.

For over-stacking the top cross members are laid out.

Tearing damages at reels with self-adhesive foil in Moscow

The reels are presented to us at the warehouse.

Here the outer layers of the reels are damaged.

Condition controll of fresh flowers due to frost damages in Lusow, Poland

Those flowers appear to be in good condition.

A closer check reveals the frost damages.



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